Whether he’s working on stage as an entertainer, behind the scenes in media production, producing large-scale events for major corporations, or brainstorming concepts for marketing campaigns, people love working with Elliott James. Why? Because of his unique skill set, which mixes the creative with the practical. In fact, Elliott is known for his ability to take a seed idea, quickly flesh out the possibilities, and then apply the practical work steps to seamlessly create a high-quality finished product – all within both timelines and budgets.

Elliott honed these skills through years of hands-on experience in a broad variety of fields. He began his career very early in life as an illusionist, studying at the age of ten under the direction of a master magician. At 19 Elliott designed, built and choreographed a live stage illusion show, touring with it on cruise ships and then the prestigious Royal Hanneford Circus. During this same time period Elliott was also hired to create a comedy club in Cincinnati called Go Bananas. The business paradigm that he implemented was so successful that the club is still in business today!

Feeling the need to grow artistically, Elliott sold the illusion show and relocated to Los Angeles, where he began working in several areas of media production both in front of and behind the camera. Elliott found another mentor in Los Angeles, director/actor Jeff Corey. He had the privilege of studying acting with Jeff for many years. To gain a better understanding of movement perfected, Elliott studied ballet as well.

During the 23 years that he has been in Los Angeles working in film, television and print production, Elliott has done nearly every behind-the-scenes job that there is. For Elliott, work is not something that he does just for the money, as he enjoys discovering himself in the work that he does. Elliott is never afraid to move into new fields, take risks or ask for help – and as a result has been successful in everything he has done.

In recent years Elliott has worked as a freelance event producer and event décor designer, creating large-scale events for clients such as Rolls Royce, Coca Cola and Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. Today he is also a Department Coordinator on the ABC television network show “How to Get Away with Murder.” In this position he powers through nine months of 16-hour days, often working six days a week. After this experience, projects that others may consider intense “feel like a vacation” to him!